All about this series

All about this series

What I hope to achieve with this series and why I am doing it

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·Jul 15, 2021·

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"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."– Lao Tzu

I plan to begin a series on my journey as I learn about the deep learning library Fast AI and this article is meant to tell you what the series will be about.

What I will do in this series

I plan to start learning about the deep learning library fast AI, so I decided to begin this series to document my journey and provide a sort of road map for others who want to learn how to use this awesome tool and have no idea where to begin, it also serves as a way to make me accountable as I learn so I won't stop halfway😅.

What I will be Writing About

The Articles will be about everything concerning the Fast AI library, from the installation of dependant libraries to my first use of the library.

Resources I will make use of

I plan to mainly use the Fast AI docs as I learn about the library, but I will also make use of other resources such as E-books, YouTube Videos and other articles as I continue on the journey.

Will I build Projects

I personally believe that the best way to learn about a new tool is to build with it and as you use the tool you gain the sort of practical knowledge and feel of your tool that can't be gotten from the theoretical study (reading of docs etc) of that tool. So in my study of this tool, I will adopt a hands-on approach. In other words, I will build a lot of projects.

How long will the series Last

To be honest, I have no idea but I plan to keep it updating as my experience on the Fast AI tool broadens.

In simple words, I have no idea but the series will last as long as I keep using the tool.

How Frequently will I Publish

I hope to write as frequently as every day but in reality that might not be possible but I am very sure that I will write about every part of my Journey.

Happy Building🚀🚀

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