Hi, My name is gold

Hi, My name is gold

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Edem Gold
·Jun 1, 2021·

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Good day everyone, my name is gold and well this is a blog where I'm going to be sharing my ideas and interests I already have a blog but I really love hash node and I heard a lot of good stuff about hashnode from my pal Tarek.

About Me

I'm a Machine Learning Engineer, chatbot engineer and backend developer, I have interests in things like;

I read a lot of books centring around a variety of subjects like Astrophysics, money, humanity, productivity and the future of mankind. I also love football and I am a great Pep Guardiola fan.

What I hope to achieve with this blog

I want to use this blog as a way to talk about my ideas, plans, conceptions and my worldview of things. I hope to also educate people on the various subjects I'm interested in. In a nutshell, this won't be your usual developer blog I plan to write about more than code (but I will still write about code I am after all still a coder ;) ) and I hope you enjoy my journey as much I will.

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