Understanding GitHub with OpenSource

Understanding GitHub with OpenSource

A project which explains GitHub easy.

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Check out the project here


  • The project was built to teach people how to use GitHub
  • You have a responsibility to contribute
  • Click here to view the project

Inspiration Behind the Project

below is a picture with the words open source

open-source, cover.png

When I created my first open source project , I tried to get a lot of people to contribute but some people I approached said they couldn't because they didn't know how to use GitHub.

The people I approached were really smart people who could achieve truly great things and it didn't make sense to just let them be stifled by something as unimportant as not knowing how to use GitHub, so I created this project.

What is the project About

In simple words, this project is a repository that contains text files explaining the concepts behind GitHub. Concepts like branching, pull requests, committing etc

It is in other words a place where people who want to learn how to use GitHub can learn to do that from other developers.

Rules for Contribution

There aren't many rules just a few

  • Contribute only things related to the GitHub.
  • Your explanations should be easy to understand.
  • If you have any information pertaining to already created .txt files then add your information to those text files. If any items are not included in any of the text files, feel free to create your own text file.

Why Should You Contribute

I'll be direct here it all boils down to this;

  • Do you want to help others learn about GitHub.
  • Do you see something that should be in the project that isn't
  • Do you want to contribute to the open source community If your answer to any of these questions is yes, you should surely contribute to the project .

What Can You Contribute

Anything can be contributed to the project as long as it involves the use of GitHub.

Even fixing of typos is welcome, if for instance you see a typo error you can fix it and contribute.


We are developers and it is our responsibility to grow the community because if we don't no one else will. Click here to contribute.

Happy Building ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€

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